We thank you for taking the time to visit our home on the Internet.

We are Australian's of Indian origin, living in Melbourne, Australia. At our Internet home, we hope you will get to know more about us. We enjoy travelling and try to squeeze out time from our work to indulge in short vacations. We have put together a small picture gallery of all the beautiful places that we have visited. Since we both are working in the Information Technology area, vacations are a welcome change from our usual world of bits and bytes.

We've recently added a new member to our family. Mark was born on 23rd of October 2007. With our son coming along we've embarked on this adventure of parenthood. It is difficult we must say, but the joys it bring totally over-weigh the problems that new parents face.

We will soon have a section on Mark along with his pictures.

The web site also contains our humble attempt at writing a few technical books on web and web development area. You can have a look and possible admire the art work displayed under the ‘Art’ section. We can proudly say that some of the sketches and paintings are with our friends, framed and displayed at strategic locations in their homes for all to see.

The section on ‘Poetry’ is again solely an effort to put together words that sound sweet and romantic. This section is purely Monica’s idea as she wanted to share a part of our email courtship and I could not disagree with her as the emails with the poetry were written for her, therefore she gets to decide. We have added a recipe section as we both love cooking. Watch out for this section as we will be addition Sweets and a Coctail section soon...

Till then enjoy and take care.


Monica, Mark and Jude

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