We thank you for taking the time to visit our home on the Internet. We are Australian's of Indian origin, living in Melbourne, Australia.
At our Internet home, we hope you will get to know more about us. We enjoy travelling and try to ...
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The D'souza bookself

A few years ago, we met a publisher at a get-together. Soon we were discussing the areas of work and this lady put this thought in our minds... read more
Recipes to satisfy your soul

Who doesn't love good food!!! We've compiled some recipes which we feel you must try atleast once. Most of the recipes are Indian, however, you may find a few odd ones that are more of the continental kind... read more

We try and make use of God's gifts

We keep ourselves busy by sketching and painting, a skill we learnt when we attended school. Nothing gives us more pleasure than filling and bringing... read more
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